1. Wonder Woman Volume 3 Issue 18 Page 7 

    Written by: Gail Simone
    Pencilled by: Bernard Chang
    Inked by: Bernard Chang
    Lettered by: Rob Leigh
    Colored by: David Baron

    Gail Simone makes lesbianism on Themyscira canon. Cause, you know, in my mind it wasn’t already. (This better be upheld in Volume 4 of WW…honestly fuck DC for firing Mrs.Simone but, that’s a side note)

    Anyway, this issue covers the “courting rituals" of Themyscira, which of course is an island full of women. Women courting women…And Tom Tresser is a little slow on how that all figures out…

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    I think it was pretty heavily hinted that Hippolyta & Phillipus were a thing.
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