1. Wonder Woman Vol 1 #207
    September, 1973

  2. "Bind me as tight as you can girls, with the biggest ropes and chains you can find!"

  3. Why is she winking?

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    Enjoy your chocolate shake while you can, Bill.  What you don’t know is that you were Susan’s second choice!

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  8. comics femslash / ladies who should be queer with each other: carol danvers & jessica drew

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  9. Favorite F/F Pairings
    ↳ Harley Quinn x Poison Ivy

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    Justice League: War’s Wonder Woman is awesome (minor spoilers):

    • She doesn’t take shit from people who dislike how she dresses. She wears her outfit because she feels powerful and comfortable in it.
    • She literally does not care about meeting with the president and doesn’t gush over Superman’s compliments, but she WILL care and gush and share ice cream with a little girl she just met.
    • She straight up keeps killing shit while all the boys in the team are fighting amongst themselves. Ain’t nobody got time for bullshit and infighting.
    • Greek mythology references are awesome.
    • Everybody in the League tries to hit on her and she shades them all. Mostly because she’s disappointed that none of them can keep up with her.
    • Not only is she able to keep up with the rest of the League, she’s considerably faster, smarter and more powerful than all the guys. She ends up leading them all into combat in the final battle. And she’s the only one to fight evenly with Darkseid, blinding him without assistance, whereas everybody else, including Superman, got curbstomped.

    She is such a great superhero and role model and if you don’t love her you can get out.

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    Embrace your truth!

    Wonder Woman - Justice League War

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